I could list a whole bunch of excuses for why the comics are late, but I know that if I was reading a comic that did this I wouldn’t really care, late is late, that’s all that matters. What I will say is that you probably wouldn’t want to read comics I rushed and half assed on anyways.  I missed 6 updates, so you guys will get 6 extra comics, just not at once, at the moment I ‘m considering doing 2 every Saturday until I’ve done all 6, but I might do something different. I know how annoying it is when comic authors don’t update when they say they will, I really do. The good news however, is that school gets out in a couple weeks and then I’ll have a lot more time to work on the comic. Once again I’m sorry for missing 6 days in a row, I going to work really hard to not let that happen again.