Stand Up Gaming is a little different than your average sprite comic. Stand up Gaming is like a sketch show, and all of the comics are different sketches.  Every day I update 1 of these comics in rotation. At the moment there are 3 main comics in rotation:

Metroid: The Search: Main Characters: Samus, The Author

Current Status: Ongoing

This is your stereotypical sprite comic, Samus is aware she’s in a sprite comic, an author governs the comic, there’s fourth wall jokes and game parodies. However, just because his comic style is overdone doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.

Mario in Kirbyland: Main Characters: Mario, Kirby

Current status: Ongoing

This comic is really serious compared to the other ones. It all starts when Mario grabs what he thinks is a power star but is actually a warp star which takes him to Dreamland, and all of the wacky adventures that follow because of it. This comic is very plot driven and can sometimes be dark, but the comic is just as funny too.

The B-Team: Main Characters: Wario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, The Author

Current Status: Ongoing

This is my Gag-a-Day comic. Storyline will never be important in this comic which is about Wario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong forming a group to help Side characters get their own games. except that they don’t know there helping them make games because they don’t know they are in games. this is the comic you go to if you are looking for a cheap laugh.