So by now you guys have probably realized that Mario in Kirbyland is quite a bit darker than the other comics and is telling a serious story. It didn’t used to be that way. Originally The author character was going to have just as big a role in this comic as he does in the other comics, the only difference being Mario and Kirby had no idea he existed. he would be controlling everything behind the scenes ensuring events that needed to happen did, and occasionally had a habit of just interrupting the strip to talk. In the beta story, Mario and Kirby went to King Dedede to request a warp star back to Mushroom Kingdom, and he gave them one (the dreamland only restriction hadn’t been invented yet) but after they left Dedede revealed that the author came in before they did and bribed him to give them a star programmed  to go to Rogueport. that’s how the Paper Mario storyline originally started. Mario had no prior knowledge of Rogueport, it would have been his first time through, and most notably Meta Knight did not accompany them nor was he even in the comic back then. I made changes to Metroid: the Search and The B-team, but Mario in Kirbyland I pretty much completely reconstructed and redesigned with the new site. Technically the strip you see above is not the original version of the strip.  Before I show the original I would like to point out I had just started making sprite comics back then and I was also fairly young and somehow I actually got the notion that people wouldn’t care how bad the comic looked if the jokes were funny. the irony behind that is a lot of the jokes weren’t funny. Here you go. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m glad I got the chance to start over, because the old version of this comic was doomed to failure. And now I’m doing pretty well, The comic has a dedicated group of fans now and I really feel like I’m making good progress. There’s just one more thing I’d like to mention about this strip. The author has purple text. He had purple text at the beginning of this comic too, and that was something that was directly taken from the old site. Even in the old site the “official” reason for the text was because he wasn’t paying attention to the color. the real reason is that author sprite used to look like this. I actually remade the sprite to show it to you guys as I didn’t keep the original, but when the author first started talking that was the sprite I had in mind, and if you recall the author talked for a lot of strips before his actual introduction and I actually never used that sprite even in the old version and switched to the current author sprite right before his formal introduction. I was too lazy to go back and change all of the text (I was using paint at the time, so I would have had to remake all the comics with the text) so I just made a joke about it after his appearance and changed the text to black. I actually thought the joke was fairly funny so I carried it over to the new site.