First off, I would like to say that I posted a week’s worth of comics, to make up for the week I missed at the start of the summer. Start here, once your done come back and read this. Today, August 1, is actually the 2 year anniversary of when I started Stand up Gaming in 2011. If this is news to you your lucky. Anyone who visited Stand Up Gaming for the first time in 2011 would never have gone back a second time, the site looked horrible and the comics looked worse, a lot of the stories were just bad and frankly I’m glad I had the chance to start over. That said, I did start the comic 2 years ago, and I haven’t come nearly as far as I would have liked. So I’m hosting a promotion of some sorts. Anyone who’s voted since the site’s reboot in in January knows I never kept up with the voting incentives, but today I posted the second part of the series. I also kept the first part up in case you forgot or just never voted. There’s also more, if at any point in this month, Stand up Gaming’s rating get’s in the top 100 I’ll post two comics a day for 3 weeks in either September or October, depending on how much time I have to prepare. ┬áIf Stand up Gaming get’s in the top 200 I’ll post twice a day for 2 weeks and top 300 I’ll post for one. If Stand up Gaming get’s in the top 500 I’ll show you guys a beta strip from the old site. To vote click the blue banner to the right of this post. Good luck!

Edit: Well that was fast, top 300 reached, one week has been secured.